Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I don't want an increase of cash pool by 30%. Because like 22 other teams I will probably not get to even smell it it. Prize money increase does nothing to benefit Division 3 as a whole, only the top 3 teams stand to gain more cash for it. I think there are a few factors that needs to be addressed if they want to get 30 teams in the XPOC.

Why not DO something that will HELP make life a little bit easier for those in D3 who I think has to suffer the most to play their games. If these problems are resolves this will attract more teams to come and play in the XPOC.

I think if the XPOC wants to increase participation in D3- they have to really look and consider what every D3 team has to go through.

D3 has the most teams and more importantly has the largest number of interstate teams. Teams like us have to spend more time and money to get to KL to play in the XPOC. I feel this factor has been sadly overlooked by the XPOC for the longest time.

Teams like mine have to travel up on Friday nights after work. We probably arrive any time between 11pm to 2am and even 4am. To start D3 games at 8am shows scant disregard the organisers have for these teams who travel to play in the XPOC.

If you look at D2 and D1- the majority of these teams are based in KL. Yet they have the luxury of sleeping in their own beds and waking up mid morning and come in after lunch. It was evidently ridiculous in Leg 2 when we had to get up at 6am to play at 8am and then we had nothing to do in the afternoon after lunch. We could have started a bit later and played a bit longer into the afternoon. Not only did these D3 teams have to travel to KL- they were further punished by having to get up earlier than teams that CAN afford to get up early.

With the addition to having to share team tables with Division 4 teams. We find our selves crammed to 3-4 teams per tent. When we participated in NPL I was in awe that we had the WHOLE tent to ourselves. This shows a big difference in how much care and consideration one organiser has to their players compared to the other.

Now I'm not asking for a whole tent to ourselves but I am asking the XPOC to consider this. 3-4 teams to a tent with 3 tables there is not much space on the tables so bags will be on the ground which leaves not much space in the tent around the tables. WHEN IT RAINS and we'll have to lift our bags up from the ground. And then we're all miserable and wet, muddy and cramped in those tents.

And chairs. If the XPOC cannot move the start of Division 3 nor give us more space in the tents at least GIVE US MORE CHAIRS. ONE common thing that will be welcomed by everyone in all divisions - are CHAIRS. We all have to sit down for hours - if we had more that enough chair to sit on we'd use it to put our bags on them. No one will complain about having too many chairs.

When I was asked by an NPL team which league my team played in. I told him XPOC at Xtion and his reply was "OHHHH BECAK"

The other annoying thing is that with all the XPOC legs being in KL- the KL based teams have the advantage of having to play on the same field the weekend before. I wouldn't say its unfair but it is an advantage AND what annoys me the most is by the time the tournament weekend comes the infamously shit field is already badly cut up.

EVERYONE has a common complain that the field is muddy and crap. And yet nothing is done to avoid this.
Why not save it for a week so that EVERYONE can have a decent field to play on during the tournament.

PS Ok sometimes I sound like I am bitching about everything- but I am offering solutions. I'm not just sitting here calling people names and mouthing off anonymously behind my keyboard. If I don't voice out the things I think should be addressed- then we'd all be sitting in the muck and mud next year and the next. If you want sunshine and cup cake comments you can find them in the forums.


Anonymous said...

yes i do agree with you about the field, the tent sharing of MPOC.

May I suggest u to play in NPL and not come back for MPOC for good since you bitch in your blog instead of arising issues to the organizers.

Give them a break! Each tournament has it's own problem to settle, and if you think the Malaysian standard of paintball is not up to your standard, by all means fly to the States since your "friends" are there and I'm assure they might want you as their team member.

Last but not least I will wish you all the best in playing international tournament in the States/ Europe (if you ever that good which I think your not)

pacman said...

dude, why so harsh? poor xpoc ...

haha anyways i feel your pain; i think maybe you should voice it in the right direction as in directly to the organiser than put it here in the blog looking as if you are just plain complaining and critising.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy reading your blog but certain comments should just be directed at proper channels in order to see positive actions.

Just my two cents buddy ...

SEBURO said...

I just feel that if there is money enough to increase the prize money- it should be put to better use to make things more comfortable for the rest of the teams in D3 not just the benefit of only 3 teams.

Thank you for the best wishes anon but I'm not going to be playing in NPL nor in the States. I'm almost done with playing tournaments. Don't worry I know I'm not good at all.

I never said that the standard of paintball in Malaysia is not up to my standard. If anything I am extremely proud of Malaysian paintball and I would not deny that a lot of credit goes to people like Paul Lam. I think its great that there are two Malaysian teams in the Intercontinental Cup.

Ironically you have inadvertently touched on another matter. That teams have been leaving to play in the NPL.

Look at D2 with only 4 teams in the last leg. If anything the XPOC should be trying to help promote D2 instead of D3 and get more teams into D2. Most of the D2 teams in NPL were teams that were in D3 in XPOC. Does that tell you anything?

If you read betwenn my lines I'm asking is the XPOC inadvertently being a farm league for the NPL?

No I'm not going to be playing in any league anywhere. I totally agree with you that every league has its problems.

But I feel that something should be said even if it is harsh - it is a reality check. I think I am the only reality check around. I guess someone has to be the bad guy and that is me. Otherwise we'll just keep getting the same old things.

I hope things can be improved and everyone has a better tournament.

I don't believe in raising issues with organisers because I will get the PR talk. Everyone can read my blog and decide for themselves if I am making sense or not. If you don't agree with me its fine I respect your point of view too.

While I do not take myself seriously - I wish some people would lighten up a bit. I want people to read be entertained and be opened to another point of view. Not just read and take in all the PR and sunshine blowing in the forums.

I hear you pat thanks for the comments. I will give the poor XPOC a break and my fingers cross that things will be better for the good of everyone and the sport in Malaysia.

Fluxx said...

I read your blog from time to time although sometimes i find your posting a bit snobbish and sometimes i find it quite resourceful.. couldn't agree more with patrick!You are not doing any good by complaining and whining about MPOC on your blog. You are discouraging teams from playing in MPOC!!so think before you write... pen is mightier than a sword or shall i say.. keyboard is mightier than a paintball marker... so please don't add anymore salt to MPOC's wound.. thank you

SEBURO said...



Thank you for writing- as i mentioned earlier I heard what Patrick said and I hear you too.

I have said my piece and I will 'give the XPOC' a break.

I do have other issues I'd like to bring up like the new PALS rule book among other things. But I'll give it a rest.

I do think before I write and I have edited my postings extensively before I publish them. I appreciate the ramification of my blog and there is a point to what I am trying to get to.

I am not discouraging teams from participating in the XPOC nor the NPL- I just want a better fairer product for everyone's benefit.

Its either the XPOC address these problems now- or what is the modus operandi is that these teams play D3 for 1-2 years and they figure that things are not to their liking and they move on to the other league when they graduate from D3

Thus we end up with situations like having only 4 teams in Division 2. And now the D2 teams are finding it "not nice" to have to play with only 4 teams.

grifter said...

personally i think what anon and fluxx is saying is totally out of context..huhu..i do agree with what seburo says. i think he had the right to express what he felt and i personally thinks what he is saying is one remedy to the problems in mpoc. saying npl great doesn't mean mpoc is bad. just saying that so mpoc can be better. :)and most of the things he said about the condition in mpoc is true. however i also agree about whatever the problems (and solutions) should be address to the organizer. however whether or not any kind of action will be seriously taken by them is something that only time will tell for certain at the moment.

just my 2 kupang.. :D

SEBURO said...

Thanks grifter.

Just for the record - I have played on both leagues and I have things that I like and don't like on BOTH leagues.

I would like to list them all out and I'm sure a lot of people would want to know what I think.

However there would be people who are waiting for me to pounce on my opinions.

And I DO NOT want to fuel the argument between those who are pro one or the other league. THAT IS NOT WHAT WANT.

If you write to me at seburo55@yahoo.com I would be more that willing to give you my 2 cents.

I thank you for taking the time to read and write what you thought.