Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Now for something else more positive. I think its great that my teammates at Red Dynasty organised a paintball demo at the Singapore Poly last week with the RD staff. I am excited for them even though I didn't get a chance to be there nor to play.

This is the first time they set up a mobile- 'outdoor field' outside of Red Dynasty paintball arena. The netting you see in the pictures are ex NPPL nets. The field was small- a square field reminiscent of the good old Werdnahol Cup days with the starting gate in the corners. The format was 3 man X-Ball which gave the students at Singapore Poly a glimpse of what speedball is.

The field was surrounded by school buildings which made it a perfect arena to showcase a paintball tournament. I saw this place about two years ago and I thought it would be a great place to play a tournament- so it was awesome to see it happen for real.

You can see the crowd gathering on top where the cafeteria is- it was bound to get everyone's attention.

Had to put this one in- everyone at the starting gate with barrel plugs on. They claimed that this shot was staged. But its good for a laugh anyway.

In my books- (and my blog) this is the No1 ranked team going into this weekend's SPNS tournament- Contact Killers. This is the team to beat and I'm betting on them to take 1st place in SPNS 2 at Pasir Ris. No pressure guys- this blog is read by around 250 people across 30 countries every day including Chris Corcino ; )

KIKO 'The One' was there to officiate and keep the peace. "That jersey doesn't look good on you" Kiko....

Pictures courtesy of TOM with thanks - you can check out more on his Facebook just add THOMAS LEE.

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CALGAR said...

The results of the two fixtures on that day were: 3-1, 3-0

Kamikaze took both games. Just like to point out Kamikaze was the hot favourite for leg 1 but crashed out after prelims. Looks like they're back with a vengeance.