Monday, May 11, 2009


Last week I watched 2 games which ended in a total disgrace. In both games the referees we're swamped and abused by players from the losing side. Ok I will give that in one the losing team was really hard done by with four penalties not given and they lost by a last min goal.

In the other game, it was like 5 vs 2 towards the end on the game. The odds was stacked against the losing team and in the ensuring run in and bunkering and playing ons... a fracas ensured as players verbally attacked the refs and I was totally disgusted at the rubbish behaviour. The abuse from the crowd didn't help either. The irony was that the player that started the yelling at the refs was the same guy who wiped 3 times during the game. The refs were woeful in missing 3 wiping incidents but everyone who stood behind him outside the nets saw it. The refs were also at fault for talking back but they're only human and I cant blame him for answering to being called 'shit' by the players. And Ironically Dan Perez told me the day before that verbal abuse towards a referee is an automatic 2 game suspension.

There are disappointing similarities between both games- in that the behaviour of both teams of players after the game was appalling. The only difference is that in one they culprit 'apologised' and hopes that UEFA doesn't throw the book at him but in the other game we'll get squat.

Yes I am talking about Chelsea's behavior towards the referee after their Champions League Semi final against Barcelona and the other game was the Division 2 final in last weeks ISSC Super Sevens Championship.

Drogba's behavior was slammed by the worlds press and football fans from all over the world. BBC World Service had a phone in and a lot of football fans called his behaviour a sham and shame. Personally I hope UEFA throws the book at him and slap him with match bans. We don't need that sort of shit in football.

SADLY on the other hand- nothing will be done to the player who cheated and then lead the abuse on the referees after that game. And that is a problem that will manifest and I think its the Malaysian Pros problem. They have been letting this sort of behaviour happen time and time again until players think its their right to abuse them when things do go their way.

It might have been ok to voice out your displeasure if you had a bad call on you. But that team was clearly losing with 2 vs 5 - there was no way they were going to come back and force a win. To argue and spit the dummy like that was ridiculous. Its like yelling at the ref after Manny Paciao and knocked out Ricky Hatton. They were goners and yet they argued like they were on the verge of pulling off a win.

Malaysian Pros or whoever the sanctioning body is - you have to throw the book at these guys too. But you won't I know you won't and in a few weeks time the same old shit will happen again and the same things will be said.


Anonymous said...

how come u can assume 2 can't outcome 5 at that game?? the players argued bcoz penalty 1 fr 1 was not given and admitted by UJ itself after the game..

if u compare the situation on yr team maybe ur right.. bcoz yr team sucks!!

keep on bitchin loser coz tht u really good at..

SEBURO said...

Everyone can see from the outside that the last two guys were going to get whacked. I can understand the confidence you have in your team to pull it off but I say it was a gone case. Everyone is entitled to their opinions I'm just saying mine in my own blog and also I know I had a better view.

Yes my team sucks - but my team didn't look like a bunch of screaming babies that tarnished the game.

The whole point of my article was not about you guys.

The whole point was about the behavior towards referees after games in both instances.

If you have a better solution of solving the problem please state them.

Calling my team names doesn't really show much of you.

Yes i'll keep bitching because you're also the loser who keeps coming back to read.

I throughly enjoy knowing this.

Anonymous said...

arguing is part n parcel of this game la.. even yr pro friends also arguing with reffs in tourneys..

but yr accusations towards that team is unacceptable.. yes u entitled to your opinion but don't abuse it here ok seburo.. we know who u r!!

Anonymous said...

hey boy ....
if we r going to get whacked it's our problem ....

and since it's your own blog who give you the right to simply accuse people for wiping ...

who r u to call us screaming babies ... u better watch out boy ...
we r not trying to intimidate u but watch what u say and write cause it may hurt u in future ...

we have no intention to act like a sore loser but this is all started by u ....

SEBURO said...

Apologies to my team mates for the 'my team sucks' comment.

I take it back I didn't mean it.

Call me names whatever but don't take it out on my team.

Tomo Hitoshi said...

Wah Seb,
seeing the type of responses from your fellow countrymen, you'd think they want you dead.
From what they are saying - it sounds like what Anders Frisk went through...
What's all this talk about watching your back and 'we know who you are...'
DUH! of course we all know who you are - you even have pictures up - at least you're upfront about what things are.
Like Col Nathan Jessep said, "You want the truth???!!!!

I'd say to your fellow country baby-whiners - grow up and face up. It's a sport - act like true sportsmen, in the spirit of true sportsmenship.

Anonymous said...


A chang US/TW said...

crazy, is this what spore/malaysia paintball is like? why do you guys read this blog if you dont like what he says? i have no idea what happened so im not getting involved but if there was an argument with the ref, why wasnt there a suspension of players for the next leg? Joy division got suspensions after 2007 PSP.(cant remember which event) for the dynasty bunkering situation for 1st place.

and why are only anonymous posters sending comments? why is no one attaching names? if you are going to bitch, stand up and stick your name to it or shut up

SEBURO said...

TOMOLOL- you know I was just thinking of that Jack Nicholson scene last night. Yeah some people can't handle the truth. This is just a blog and some people take it so seriously and think its blasphemous.

ANONWe wont be playing Kuantan - its too far to travel. We are thinking of playing in Melaka if we have any money left, but its not a priority to me.

Yes I will most probably be the 'turkey' because I play at the back and there is a high probability I end up as the 'turkey'. I'm glad you remembered use that term - thank you.

A/ChangI'm glad you mentioned Joy because I did think them too- when they felt that the refereeing was 'against them'. They left the NPPL for 2007 and have yet to go back to play stateside. Joy stood by their principles which I salute them for.

As for suspensions- that remains to be seen. It seems that some teams feel that its right to scream and abuse refs and they cannot see the bigger picture. The refs were told to give out 2 game suspensions for verbal abuse and unless they start doing it- then players are going go about modus operandi.

Anonymous said...

hi to all,
I'm not here to brag more about this but the word like sore losers, baby whiners and bitch is not acceptable anymore.

Tomo and A Chang,
I know the facts that this is Seburo blog's but this doesn't mean that whatever he write is true or facts. Does he think about people response to his posts.
Also talking about sportsmanship conduct, don't you think it will be much wiser and cool to write about the incident but without hinting the team's involve.
Anyway for your information my name is Azlan aka Icey and I'm from team Nomercy.
For your information after the game the Ultimate Refs did come and talks about the incident that have happen as he has clarified and also apologize to us for his refs wrong doing.

Please think before you write something and always take in the account of other people feelings first in order to have good response from the people who read your blogs. If not people will also talk or write back to you.

Anonymous said...
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SEBURO said...

Icey thank you for responding with your name.

The whole point of my article was that - the behaviour after the game was uncalled for.

Though it is good to hear that the refs have resolved and apologised for their mistake. Were there any apologies given to the refs in return?

However it still remains the fact that a lot of abuse and insults were traded towards the reds in front if the general public and as well as children. This behaviour gave the general public a less than ideal image of the sport.

It draws a parallel situaltion where Didier Drogba's behaviour after the Barcelona game. He went on to the pitch and yelled abuse in front of the cameras. Though he may be justified- like you and your team- you have to admit the way things had transpired had more negative ramifications than just expressing your and his anger.

The result were parents all over the world wondering how do they explain that to their children what is going on? Is this the way to behave on the field if things go against us? Do we want to see this every time a bad call is made?

My point again was to talk about the behaviour after the game and not highlight who the people were.

I do want people to talk and write back to me- that is the whole point of bringing this up. I feel that is is important for me to say something about and let people say their piece too.

I want people to think about what they do on the field- that effect the sport as whole. I fear the bigger picture is amiss in this thread.

I think my post has generated a balanced amount of arguments for and against my piece.

Again I thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my post. I hear you.