Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Evolution of Brandon Short's Mask

Every snake player has this 'thing' - he wants the opposition to know who they're dealing with. XSV's got the multi coloured mowhawk snake player and the Ironmen- well they got this guy name Short and you can tell that its him because of the distinctive yellow on his goggle

For most of 2008, the Ironmen were still using the i3pro. Brandon used a cyrstal yellow i3 frame from 2007 for the whole season until the World Cup. Check out how old that tank cover is and how big the DM8 seems to look in this pic.

At the 2008 World Cup, Dye releases the i4 but only in black. Brandon has to improvise and sticks two strips of yellow tape so the guys shooting at him would know who they're shooting at. It works- the Ironmen repeat- as what it says on his headband.
Same worn out Dye tank cover.

At the first 2009 PSP event at MAO - Dye 'custom' makes a yellow frame specially for Brandon's i4. It's a production yellow frame for Joy Division edition prior to have its spots painted on. The grill has yellow on it too which is clearly the Joy mask.
Still its really cool and distinctive.

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Tom said...

The yellow i4 literally made him look like a bumblebee, or wasp, or something.