Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hanging at the ISSC

I'm in KL hanging out at the ISSC International Sevens tournament at the same field in KL where the World Cup Asia was 2 years ago. The field is smaller but the set up and the atmosphere is more relaxed and casual. Maybe its because I am not playing I'm just hanging around the Dye booth with Steven and Devon and meeting people and having a chat.

I love this- got up early on Friday morning drove up for Singapore to KL- got in with plenty of time to spare. Ben and Jane were going to play at 230pm which meant we had load of time to drive up and have lunch.

Ben and Jane are guesting in Dennis' team Gen-X which is a mixture of D3s and D2s and one D1 guy. They won their first game but lost 3 on their first day. Sani from XFox is trying to lead a team that met up for the first time on Friday. The first game against fellow Penang team X Pursuit was a good match - it ended up with a big run through on the pro style on the highway and he shot out the 40 spike and then the snake FTW. Nicely done.

I met Dan Perez who is in town for a Marshalls Clinic and is also officiating and teaching at the ISSC. We talked about a few things and I took the opportunity to ask him some questions and he gave me a valuable insight to what he teaches Marshalls and what his philosophy is when it comes to refereeing on the field. I will compile my notes and write a proper article on that later.

The organisers were kind enough to give me a Media Pass so I could walk around and watch the matches and hang out inside the players dock. I used my credentials as a write for and Ballers

I have been asked to be a writer for a new local Malaysian paintball forum /website which is great. I'm happy that someone has come up with something for the local scene and I'm always happy to support it. More later when things get sorted out.

Picked up lots of story material and gossip from Taiwan obviously since I'm hanging around Steven and Devon. Devon just got back form Malaga last week and told me what happend with the storm that blew away the inflatable field and the turf.

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