Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mikko Huttunen Edition DM9

I got this last week but didn't get the chance to post it. It's one of T H E nicest DM9s I have ever seen. Its polished clear finish- with Mikko's signature clear colour. His signature is also etched on the MHDM9

*It has a two tone anno work clear with blue accents - the colours of the Finnish flag. Mikko has also been spotted proudly wearing a white and blue goggle strap to show off his finnish roots -
(* these bits of information came from Erno who plays on Takeover - Mikko's ex team in Finland - thanks Erno)

The MHDM9 also has a polished finish - Dye doesn't polish their stock DMs anymore - only special editions get the polished look.

Apart from that, you get the special Ironmen trigger and everyone who has fingered that trigger at the Dye booth at ISSC wanted one. But its only available on the Ironmen and Player edition DM9s. The Billy Wing bolt DM9 is also only available on these markers and not for sale-yet. (The Billy wing Bolt you can buy is only for the DM8)

Asking price for this is $1650

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