Saturday, May 23, 2009

MHDM9 Update

There are only 2 MHDM9 left - all have been sold or spoken for. One of it is going to one lucky guy on Team Ku in Japan. I was offered the Brandon Short one for the same price of USD$1700 including shipping but I turned it down.

I just want a straight up DM9 with no frills unless Billy wants to sell his personal one which has the new TADAO OLED board. There is ONE and only ONE in Taiwan at the moment.

Its quite cool that we have a Ollie Lang DM8 and a Black/Red Ironmen Edition DM9 on our team.

Mikko seen here wearing a Finnish flag strap- thanks Erno for sending this.

And for you guys in Finland- I have been told by Erno that Mikko, Billy Wing, Xalo and Mr U will be going there for clinics in the coming month. Lucky Finns. Good luck with the tournament this weekend in Finland!

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