Saturday, May 23, 2009


This is what I have been waiting for - Nicky Cuba's Signature DM9 dubbed the "Soul Stealer". Its is based on the Ironmen edition- Billy Wing bolt etc and has Nicky's signature pin stripe, "blood red" splash with the red barrel tip polished silver barrel back and "night night sucka" on the right side. I noticed the trigger is the stock DM9 and not the special Ironmen Editon trigger. Have a look.

The Ironmen signature guns are all based on the Ironmen Edition DM9 with the Metal Ironmen Badge on the side and the signature polished silver UL barrel back. If you buy a player's edition the USD1700 (including shipping) goes direct to the player and not to Dye.

With Nicky, Mikko and Brandon's signature guns out. What remains to be seen is Ollies and Billys(?) and I am officially wondering on my blog if they will make one for Jon Richardson?

I kinda still prefer the Contract Killer DM9 Nicky shot at the World Cup. But thats just a stock DM9 this is based on the Ironmen DM9.


Art US/TW said...

BW does have a new limited edition DM9 its on pb

he is taiwan if you want one.

SEBURO said...

WOW- thanks Arthur!

I want a plain stock BW personal DM9- I cant afford the special editions.

If you see him ask him if he'll sell his pre-BW Eidtion DM9. Im sure he doesnt need it anymore.