Monday, May 11, 2009


Well the plane tickets have been booked and we're off to Taiwan in July for the World Games. This is huge and to me personally its the biggest event of the year.

Team USA is rumoured to be the Ironmen and it would be something else to line up against the World Cup Champions. I have always been envious of Daryl who got to play against the pros at last year's NPPL Asian Invitational. If we can survive the break out and last more than 1 min 45 seconds per game- that'll be an achievement in itself. I say 1 min 45 seconds because that's how long we lasted against the Iranian All Star Team at the Asian Inviational.

The Taiwanese are taking it really seriously with all the best teams in Taiwan training and getting ready to play off in a tournament to decide who will get to represent their country as Team Taiwan.

I look forward to catching up with Banno and Michiko in Team Japan and Khaine will be Team Canada? Have you guys got some Impart imports?

It just occurred to me that with the Ironmen going to be in Taiwan during that weekend - we would most probably bump into them at Dye Asia at Taichung before the tournament. Sweet.

PS Sani we saved a spot for you :)

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