Monday, May 4, 2009


Its 2.26am and I'm waiting for the Semi Pro finals over at PSP MAO so I thought I'd take the opportunity to drop a few shout outs

I want to congratulate Dennis, Daniel, Julien, Joshua and Gary on Lemon Ruskies for defending their D2 title against the same team they played in last year's final. You guys played awesome.

Congratulations also to Nemesis for taking D1 over Demonz/Xtion. I thought the Demonz/Xtioneers put up a good fight in the 3rd and final game but they lost too many bodies. Redza was playing Ollie Lang style in the center SPIKE shooting out 2 guys before getting take out. For entertainment value this was top stuff.

Thank you Matt(Furious Paintball), Patrick (ProPaintball) and Steven (Dye Asia) for all the freebies :) And to Zul over at Skirmish for servicing our Egos (another freebie).

Lastly I want to say that our thoughts goes out to Jeremie- hang in there man it was good to see you come out for the team today.


Anonymous said...

D2 are a bunch of sandbagging players who refuse to move on since you said they were champions last year.

There's no "X" in the USPL format...please read the field settings!!! It's a center spike!!

But anyway good to hear your around in KL

SEBURO said...

sorry centre spike if you must.